Our Annual Fees

Your annual cost is based on total assets under management across all account types. The only other fees you would incur are low transaction costs and custodial fees paid to a broker, as noted below.

ANNUAL FEES1 Billed quarterly
Under $10,000$99.96N/AN/A
$10,000 – $24,9990.35%$300N/A
$25,000 – $99,9991.10%N/A
$100,000 – $249,9990.30%1.00%1.25%
$250,000 – $999,9990.90%1.15%
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Automated asset allocation
Diversified core ETF portfolio
Thematic & Impact portfolios
Custom screens to include/exclude
certain investment types
Ongoing portfolio management
Donate to charity 2% of fees will be donated to charity
Minimum to open account2 Higher minimums may apply depending on the broker$0$0$0
Custom quarterly performance reports2 Higher minimums may apply depending on the broker
Portoflio rebalanceSemi-AnnualSemi-AnnualFlexible
Advisor discussionsSemi-AnnualUnlimited
Mutual Funds & Other Securities
Financial PlanningFREE
Alternative Investments3Optional (cost varies)4Optional (cost varies)4
Tax PlanningOptional (cost varies)4Optional (cost varies)4
529 PlansOptional (cost varies)4Optional (cost varies)4
Business 401(k) PlansOptional (cost varies)4Optional (cost varies)4
External plan review$99$49FREE
Estate Plan - Will Only$599$299FREE
Estate Plan - Will & Trust$899$499FREE
Property Deed$299$249FREE
Update of an existing plan$99$99$995
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1 Billed quarterly

2 Higher minimums may apply depending on the broker. Please see broker information below.

3 For qualified investors

4 See ADV Part 2 and Investment Agreement for more details

5 One plan update per calendar year is FREE. Subsequent updates are $99 per update.

Choose The Right Plan

Have an advisor answer my questions
Serve as my fiduciary
Match investments to personal values
Manage volatility and market swings
Maximize tax advantage in trading when possible
Financial Planning
Estate Planning
Manage 529 college savings plans
Have access to alternative investments
Have access to tax and estate planning
Have a long-term relationship
Keep my costs down

Supported Brokers

We support the brokers below based on services provided. Opening an account and transferring money is usually quick and straightforward, and we will gladly help you through this process.

Folio InvestingInteractive Brokers
PlansAllPower only
BenefitsEasy custom portfolios and investment screens1
One low per-account fee
Low commissions
Active and global trading
Broker commissions$0 (included)FREE2
Custodial FeesCustodial fees are based on your total AUM (Assets Under Management) with us
AUMAnnual Fee3
Under $100K18 bps
$100K - $249.99K15 bps
$250K - $999.99K12 bps
$1M+10 bps
Minimum to open$0$5,0004

1 Each folio consists of up to 100 stocks or ETFs.

2 FREE US exchange-listed stocks and ETFs under IBKR Lite plan. Fees may apply for other trade types. For details, see Interactive Brokers’ commission schedule.

3 1 bps = 1 basis point = 0.01%. Additional $25 annual fee per IRA account.

4 This minimum is for advisor accounts; individual account minimum is $10,000. However, for individuals under 25, the account minimum is $3,000.

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Whatever your personal situation, your goals and values, or your investable capital, we’ll work with you to create a portfolio that is right for you. And as your fiduciary, we’ll cover all your financial needs beyond investing as well, to help you achieve your goals.

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