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Why do I need to invest in insurance products?

Insurance is a financial safety net, helping you and your loved ones recover after something bad happens. We believe that insurance is a viable risk management solution for most financial plans.

Your investment advisor will recommend the appropriate insurance product based on your investing profile, overall financial plan picture, and your values.

Eureka Wealth Solutions does not profit from the insurance products suggested. Our fiduciary responsibility to you is our primary goal.

You certainly can. The hassle of searching for the right coverage, comparing plans and pricing, dealing with salespeople and the spam calls and emails that follow for months is precisely what we’re trying to avoid for our clients.

The company we’ve partnered with, RIA Insurance Solutions, provides a curated, VIP experience to choose the right insurance product for you. Their fintech platform is a marketplace that covers 80+ insurance carriers, with tools to search and compare hundreds of plans. Their business model is to work with advisors to help individuals, families, and small businesses with their insurance needs.

First, your advisor/planner will determine any potential gaps in your financial plan that would need insurance coverage. Then you, your planner and an independent insurance specialist from RIA Insurance Solutions will arrange a call to discuss your specific needs and consider options that best fit them. There’s no pressure, sales pitches, or unwanted follow-ups.

Life insurance is the most common type of insurance that you will likely need. However, various annuity as well as care planning products are offered. These products can sometimes make sense to address specific risks that your advisor/planner can discuss with you.

RIA Insurance Solutions will present transparent pricing for all products, which is already negotiated to be competitive from the providers. Their tools allow easy apples-to-apples comparison. You’re welcome to also compare prices elsewhere. Any commissions are already included in all your prices, and there are no hidden or additional fees.

Eureka Wealth Solutions is a fiduciary that is looking to provide the best solutions for our clients. We charge fees only and do not sell commission-based products or services. At this time, we’re not compensated for this service, but are happy to provide it as an extension to our financial planning services.

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